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7 Important Reasons to Choose a Paid Listing Instead of a Courtesy Listing:

1. Paid listings preempt Courtesy listings. Courtesy listings are removed when someone purchases a listing in the same town/city.

2. Courtesy listings share a page presence with other Courtesy Listings. Paid listings do not share the page with Courtesy Listings. When a viewer goes to a city with a Paid Listing, they see only the Paid Listing -- they see no Courtesy Listings.

3. Paid listings are "refreshed" monthly, thus giving them top priority in search engine searches. This is a critical feature. Courtesy listings are not refreshed at all.

4. Paid Listings provide exhaustive information. Courtesy Listings provide minimum required information; (e.g., business or personal name and phone number).

5. Paid Listings provide graphic appeal designed for audio/visual, graphic impact. Courtesy Listings are a bit like the white pages in your phone book.

6. Google content-appropriate ads appear on either side of all Courtesy Listings. No ads appear on paid listings.

7. Paid listings are tailored to fit your advertising budget; ranging from $15/mo to $20/mo, debited from your credit card monthly. Or you can pay annually and receive a 20% discount.

Generally speaking, the more graphic your listing, the more effective it becomes. Video's are especially compelling. Read article: 10 Powerful Video Marketing Statistics (and What They Mean to You) (opens in new window)

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