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Christian Counselors in the City of

Your Town, State

Name of Your Clinic/Organization Here

Elizabeth M. Smith, M.S. MFT*

Other Associates: (Optional)
Marjorie Browning, LCSW
Lester Haster

555 Street, Suite 555
Your Town, ST 55555
Email: name@domain.com
Website: www.domain.com

*professional image, fictitious name

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Mission Statement:
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A Premium Listing Includes:
  • FULL SCREEN/page of Content.
  • Set in a chisled frames.
  • Your Clinic/Organization's name banner heading.
  • Includes all information in Standard Plan.
  • Logo, Photos and any graphics of your choosing.
  • Optional inclusion of collegial professionals.
  • Optional podcast (.mp3, max 30 min).
  • Office email address for client contact.
  • A link to your website.
  • Interactive Google mapping directions.
  • A list of your Specialties.
  • Your Mission Statement.
  • Your personal Bio.
  • Hidden, searchable local Zip Codes.
  • Optional video (max 3 min).
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